PetSafe® Village Pet Resort & Spa

We go the extra mile to give pets a resort-like experience, whether they need playtime, exercise, grooming, bathing, or training. With round-the-clock care, webcam access, and Knoxville's largest indoor play space, pet parents can relax knowing their pet is receiving top-notch care and having a little fun, too.

Welcome to Knoxville's Premier Pet Destination

We have a full-service location in West Knoxville at the main RSC campus and a Bearden Hill location with day camp and training.

  • Boarding with a variety of suites and 24/7/363 pickup/drop-off
  • Day camp for socializing & tiring out pups
  • Customized dog training for each pet’s behavior & personality
  • Personalized grooming, bathing, & nail trims
  • Self-service bathing station
  • Dog park with water features & benches
  • Associate discounts: free puppy socials, 50% off puppy school, & 25% off services
PetSafe Village is an upbeat, fast paced, fun place to work! The best part is being able to interact with the animals and their owners on a daily basis. Caring for them can be hard work and requires lots of moving around, so get ready to put your Fitbit to work. There is nothing better than seeing those wiggly butts and wagging tails every morning coming in the door. It sure makes all the hard work worth it. If you have a passion for people and animals and don’t mind the occasional lick on the cheek, PetSafe Village is the perfect place to work.

- Rosalee Kaschel, CPDT-KA, PetSafe Village Pet Trainer

Have a Blast Working with Pets Every Day

At the Village, you get to be a concierge, stylist, or playmate. We get to meet new pets every day, play tug-of-war, teach pet parents how to improve their dogs behavior, and turn stinky dogs into respectable canines. We work hard to make sure every pet’s stay with us is great, whether they’re in for a quick bath after a romp in the park or a week of learning, playing, and relaxing.

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