Our Global Campuses

We have almost 700 teammates in 9 countries, from our headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee to international Customer Care in Ireland and our manufacturing team in China. Our remote associates are also spread across the world. No matter where we work, we all maintain the same company culture and uphold our values.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Teams at our headquarters include PetSafe® Village, Customer Care, sales, marketing, engineering, design, finance, logistics, and HR.

Glen Allen, Virginia, United States

The Toys & Behavior team promotes training education and outreach and develops training tools, harnesses, toys, and more.

Durham, North Carolina, United States

The Durham office is home to members of our web and software development teams.

Dundalk, Ireland

Our European headquarters includes multilingual customer services center, finance, order management, supply chain, and human resources departments.

Chorley, United Kingdom

The international marketing team operates from the Chorley office.

Shenzhen, China

Marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams can be found in our Shenzhen office.

Gold Coast, Australia

Australia’s sales and marketing team is based in Gold Coast.