Nahel Gandhi

Nahel Gandhi is the Chief Digital Officer and will be leading the digital transformation of RSC by preparing for the future and positioning the company to be competitive with a digital edge.

Nahel brings an extensive background of innovative global experience, including running her own boutique digital transformation strategy consulting firm. Previously she worked with CNH Industrial on multiple digital initiatives like IOT, Mobile, Ecommerce, B2B platforms and more. Subsequently, Nahel held key positions with telecommunications in Dubai creating a mobile commerce and content platform for the MENA region; she also worked with DoubleClick/Google and Nielsen.

In addition, Nahel is involved with Girls Who Code, an outgrowth of her desire to help empower the next generation of young girls with skills to think digitally and solve large problems with code. Motivated by a desire to provide children with the basics to succeed in life, Nahel is also involved with helping the underserved and underfunded orphanages in India.

Nahel has two children Riya and Rohi, and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. In her free time, she is an avid SpaceX fan and indulges in crypto, stocks and options. She is a self-described adrenaline junkie who enjoys intense and thrilling activities along with a love for high-speed cars.

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